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Electronic Dance Music in all of its glory!

All Access EDM is the brainchild of Spice Of Life Entertainment.

It is an avenue for people of open minds to come and celebrate ALL the sub-genres of Electronic Dance Music together with out any attitude. We love all of this music and believe that variety is the spice of life.

All Access EDM started as a sub posse of Spice Of Life Entertainment (now an online label... feel free to submit demos). We hosted some gigs called "Sub-Zero Frequencies" in Melbourne which was all about the entirety of sub genres in the EDM world coming together under one roof without all the corporate bullshit, promo whoring and sponsorships that go with major festivals.

20 DJ's later we were rockin' away a boat shed. That spawned online radio shows, the birth of Spice Of Life Entertainment - the label, which is now up to our 12th release and a whole heap of other shit designed for the guys who WANT TO F**KING PARTY! This is dance floor music!

If you want your music in the mix, send it to us. If it's good we'll play it. We're not a business or corporation. We're not looking to make anyone famous. We don't care about followers. All we care about is making you DANCE and sharing that feeling and unity with as much of the world as possible.


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Last Updated: 11 October 2015

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