Privacy Policy

We value your privacy.

ClubbersRadio uses Google Analytics to obtain data from visitors:

Information collected by Google Analytics includes, any website you came from to get to ("referral website"), how long you were on ("session duration"), and various software and other related information such as, the operating system and browser used, as well as various other technical information.

How this data is handled:

This data is viewed to get a better understanding of who is visiting, visiting location, and the pages most viewed. This information helps us to constantly improve the website with content we believe is of interest to visitors. None of this data is shared with others.

Data that isn't collected:

Our Google Analytics settings do not currently track demographics such as age and gender. Our policy will be updated accordingly if or when any such changes are made.

Your browser may store a "cookie":

Cookies are used to store information for features used on this website. They don't contain any personal information that can be used to identify you.

Our chatbox, "livehelperchat", uses a cookie to store your chat name.

Last Updated: October 2015

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