Winamp? A new version is being developed

30 October 2015 LOOPYdj

It may not be the most exciting news out there, but, of the millions of connections made to the ClubbersRadio streams over the years, a large percentage of them originate from Winamp. And even today, with all the new and existing ways to tune in, this still holds true.

In 2004, AOL sold Winamp to Radionomy, and has since been frozen on (the appropriately named) version 5.666.

A recent tweet has brought confirmation of a new version in the works, along with a bit of hype.

If you're a user of Winamp, keep an eye on for future updates on what looks to be version 5.8 coming soon. If you're not a Winamp user, now is the time to try it.

-- LOOPYdj

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